McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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Spring 2022 Season Schedule & Information


High Level Schedule

  • Practices held Monday–Friday from 5-6pm and 6-7pm at Longfellow Middle School
  • Families will sign up for a weekly set practice session from Monday-Thursday options
  • Friday 5pm and 6pm will be "drop in", no sign-up needed.  Each week's focus may vary - extra throwing, jumping, hurdling, distance training, etc.
  • Practices will span all ages so that siblings can attend the same practice session
  • Practices start Monday, March 14 and end Friday, June 3
  • Meets held Sundays between 12pm and 6pm
  • First Meet Sunday, March 20; last Meet Sunday, June 5
  • Meet schedule = March 20, March 27, April 10, April 24, May 1, May 8, May 15, May 22 and June 5 (Family Fun Meet)
  • No Meets currently planned for April 3, April 17 or May 29
  • Meet Sundays will be divided into 2 sessions; each child will only attend 1 session each Sunday - most likely handled by SignUp Genius
  • Meets held at Langley High School
  • Minimum age to participate is 7 as of March 14


COVID-19 Precautions & Your Responsibilities:

  • Based on recent CDC guidelines and FCPS guidelines, we will not be requiring masks or distancing this season.  We will be supportive of a family's choice to ask their kid(s) to continue to wear a mask if they chose to do so.
  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to require masks to be worn whenever not actively participating if the risk level changes.



Fall 2021 Season Schedule


High Level Schedule

  • Fall is a cross country season for track programs.  To accommodate the varied interests of our athletes, we normally plan half our meets to be cross country and half to be track & field.
  • Practices held Tuesday–Friday from 5-6pm and 6-7pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday practices will be held at Longfellow Middle School.  Please note our Friday practices have been moved by the county to Churchill Elementary School.
  • Each child can sign-up for one practice session that he/she will attend weekly; practices will span all ages so that siblings can attend the same practice session
  • Practices start Tuesday, September 7 and end Friday, October 29
  • Meets held Sundays between 12pm and 5pm
  • First meet Sunday, September 12; last meet Sunday, October 31 (potential for November 7 make-up)
  • Meet Sundays will be divided into 2 sessions; each child would only attend 1 session each Sunday; a SignUp Genius will be sent out by Thursday of each week for the upcoming Sunday meet.
  • Meets held at Falls Church High School
  • Minimum age to participate (due to COVID modifications) is 7 yrs as of September 7, 2021


COVID-19 Precautions & Your Responsibilities (these are from our Spring 2021 season):

  • As a family, you are required to wear a mask when arriving and departing practice or a Meet, standing in line at the Meet Admin Table, standing track-side/along the fence to watch at the Meet and anytime you are within 6 ft of someone to whom you are not related/do not live with.
  • Athletes are required to wear a mask and remain 6 ft away from the other kids whenever they are on the field and not actively running in an event. 
  • Depending on local COVID statistics and trends, we might require masks be worn even when running.
  • Every family has a different comfort level about distancing during the actual events.  We will be starting from every other lane or in staggered formation.  For the longer distances (400m, 800m, 1600m) the kids may naturally form small groups running at similar pace.
    • If masks are not mandatory while running, please provide your child with the guidance of your choosing about specifics like wearing a mask while running, wearing a mask until spaced out enough, not running too closely beside or behind another runner, passing with a wide berth, etc.
  • We know that some families are friends and have made the decision to socialize closely during this time of COVID.  It is important that you still mask-up if you are going to hang out with friends at the meet - even if you are comfortable sharing a dinner table together at home. 
    • The county inspectors will drop by to assess the safety precautions at youth sporting events.  The inspectors do not know or care if families are socializing outside of the meet!


How to Hear About Weekly Plans and Last Minute Changes

  • We will no longer use RainedOut to send text notifications of day-of or last minute cancellations for practice(s) or a Meet.  Their new pricing model is exorbitantly expensive.  We will instead send emails and post on our website.
  • You should be receiving 2-3 weekly emails from MYTF about practices and/or Meets.  If you are not, please first check your Spam (or Update folder for Gmail) folder.  If you still can't find them, please email
  • We will post any changes to the week's schedule on this page as well.