McLean Youth Track and Field provides Northern Virginia kids (ages 5 through middle school) with opportunities to learn about, compete in and develop a love for track and field.

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As of the Spring 2022, we have lifted our COVID protocols as a result of case statistics, CDC guidelines and FCPS guidelines.  We will not be requiring masks or distancing since we are outside.  Children are welcome to continue to wear a mask if their parent(s) choose.




Fall 2021 COVID Modifications & Precautions

MYTF has implemented changes to support social distancing, reducing participation numbers and density and requiring mask wearing.  The success (vis-a-vis health safety) of our season is ultimately the responsibility of every registered family.  We are relying on your family to be diligent about monitoring current health and potential exposure, and to make responsible choices that do not put others at unnecessary or avoidable risk.  


Key Modifications to Season Logistics & Plan

  • Minimum age to register is now 7 yrs old (7 as of September 7, 2021).
  • Reducing number of registrants from 350 to approximately 300 (which is an increase from the 250 limit we set for Spring 2021).
  • Assigning kids to a practice sessions and limiting practice size to 36 athletes (approximately 3 "pods" of 12 kids).  This is an increase from Spring 2021, which was 30.
  • In order to hold a practice session we need to have a minimum of 3 coaches/volunteers, preferably 4. 
  • Social distancing will continue to be a focus.  This is most easily achieved when the kids are not actively participating.  We will modify starts and reduce heat sizes, but social distancing during an actual race will be the responsibility of the athlete (based on family guidance).
  • During registration you will sign your child(ren) up for 1 practice slot that they will attend all season.
  • Any age can attend a practice so that siblings can attend together.
  • Sunday Meets may be divided into more sessions than normal in order to manage the number of attendees at any one time, reduce heat size and enable social distancing.  Meets will feature fewer events in order to complete the Meet session in time.
  • Families will sign up for the Meet and specific events weekly.  The current plan is that all ages can attend any session.  Events will be run in heats.
  • Masks will be required for athletes when not actively running, for all on-track/field coaches and volunteers and for all family members when entering/exiting and not able to distance 6 ft on the sidelines or in the stands.  Masks may be required when running if the COVID numbers continue to be high.
  • All families need to sign a COVID waiver during registration.  The waiver addresses the potential exposure risk even given additional precautions; family accountability for monitoring health, not participating if feeling unwell/exposed/testing positive and an agreement to not hold MYTF accountable should their child or someone in their family develop COVID.


COVID-19 Safety Precautions & Your Family's Responsibilities

  • Masks will be worn by athletes, coaches and volunteers when not actively participating in an event or activity (and when entering/exiting the track and field area).
  • For observers on the sidelines or in the stands, our objective is 6 ft of social distancing from anyone you are not related to (even if you are comfortable socializing with them outside of the MYTF environment).
  • Observers are required to wear a mask when 6 ft of social distancing is not possible (entering/exiting, checking in, etc).  This applies even if you are around friends you socialize with outside of the MYTF environment.
  • All athletes, coaches and volunteer parents should check their temperature before attending any practice or meet.  If the temperature is over 100.3 do not attend practice or meet.
  • Any athlete, coach, on-field volunteer or accompanying family member who is feeling sick with symptoms that resemble COVID-19 should not attend practices or meets until they are symptom-free and/or 72 hours fever-free.
  • Any athlete, coach, on-field volunteer or accompanying family member who has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus should not attend practices or meets until 14 days past exposure.
  • If an athlete or family member is diagnosed with COVID, or is exposed to someone with COVID, please notify us at so that we can work with you to determine potential exposure within MYTF and discuss your family's timing to sit out.
  • Out of extreme caution, we request that if anyone in the family (meaning those who are not active MYTF participants) has symptoms of an illness that resembles COVID-19 or has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus that the entire family not attend any MYTF activity until symptom-free or 14 days past exposure.
  • By attending a practice or meet, your family is "certifying" that they are symptom-free, not recently exposed and not currently known to be positive for COVID.
  • See below for specifics of an actual positive COVID-19 test or a presumed positive diagnosis.
  • All athletes, coaches and volunteer parents should put on their mask and use hand sanitizer before entering the track/field area. 
  • We request that you minimize the attendance of additional adults and siblings at practices and meets, to the extent possible.  
  • If we find that social distancing among observers is not happening, we may need to limit attendance to only 1 adult. 
  • ‚ÄčAll water bottles must be clearly labeled.  All athletes should keep “their hands to themselves”.  Paying attention, being respectful and following directions are important for any seasons but will be required for this season.  The stakes are too high and we cannot be as lenient as we might have been in the past.
  • Any athlete, coach, volunteering parent or observing adult/sibling not following these requirements will be asked to leave the track/field area.  Any recurring issues will result in us asking that athlete/family to not participate for the rest of the season (without a refund).


Handling a Positive COVID-19 Test or a Presumed Positive COVID Diagnosis

  • If an athlete, coach, volunteer parent or a family member tests positive for COVID-19, the family should notify MYTF immediately and the family should not attend any MYTF events until they receive 2 negative test results over a 24-hr period of time or have doctor's approval.  
  • In the event that the test is negative, but the symptoms are significant and relevant enough for a presumed positive diagnosis and the ill person is advised by a doctor to quarantine, families (and MYTF) should handle the situation as if it were a positive test result.
  • MYTF will not release any personal information about a family with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • MYTF will notify the currently registered families as soon as we are informed of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.  We will communicate relevant information about attendance at practice sessions and meet sessions/events/heats so that families can assess the risk of their exposure.  We will not communicate any personal/private information.
  • A positive COVID-19 diagnosis will be assessed by MYTF relative to potential exposure of other athletes and their families.  MYTF will take the steps it feels are necessary to avoid contributing to additional exposure.  These actions could result in cancelling a pod or an entire practice session for 14 days, holding out any athlete in the same meet heat, event and/or session as the positively diagnosed athlete, cancelling all MYTF activities for 14 days or cancelling the rest of the season.    
  • MYTF will not provide refunds for actions taken as a result of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.  Once the season starts we are committed to paying the county and have purchased all of the supplies required for the season.